Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Life goes on....

A lot an happen over lunch!!!!! In about 25 minutes of lunch break that I took today, I chanced to watch CNN-IBN news channel in my office cafeteria.

- A six year old tortured by policemen, Cop sacked. Probe ordered.
- DMK unhappy with center.
- High Court - Married couple kissing in public is not obscene.
- Cease Fire in Lanka says Kanimozhi.[ Okay.. Thathaasthu!!!] That means 'Granted' in Tamil.
- Mob attack two women in Andhra. Eighteen people arrested.
- Sania Mirza on her win.
- TN rallies on February 7th.
- Snow hinders air traffic in Heathrow, UK.

Then there was Hilary Clinton, Pranab, Pakistan, Shilpa Shetty and many more tickers; by then I was too full with my sandwich lunch, the world news and my views.

Its amazing how every moment is a mix of happenings with umpteen effects.

When people are talking about losing crores and lakhs in jobs and shares,
When there are people getting injured and killed in war,
When there are students sitting at home due to a student attack,
When there are mobs attacking people all over the place in the name of religion mostly,

there are also people

who have won games,
who are rich enough to invest and get returns,
who can sit in their desks and criticize and speak orders to deaf ears,
who can think of nothing but rallies and protests to voice something,
and who just read the news and talk about it further, just like me.

Look again at the news cast to see if any one news item, just one of these news items that can really start or stop the happenings of today?

Whatever happens, life just goes on. Nothing , just NOTHING changes because you put it up as a news item on a news channel or paper. Would be good if our news channels devote some time to state decision-oriented news casts.

You should switch on the news channel and see the decision pronounced on things... CBI probing.... Probe Advised....Investigation on.....all these are wasting too much of people's gossip time :) and otherwise useful energy. Sharp contrast would be : CBI declared this..... Probe resulted in this..... Investigation report says.....

[Can't stop wondering.....how do people read news papers from page 1, line 1, word 1, letter 1 to page n, line n, word n and letter n, where n can mean the last page in any given news paper. I can safely debate that only 5% of what you read really matters.. the rest of 95% are an alternative for the much-detested verbal gossip.... so with news, the gossip still goes on.. The next time you say, you don't gossip, also admit that you read a lot of them ...]

My take : Read News, but that does not alter anything at all... Life goes on....

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விழியன் said...

Exactly !!!

Life can turn to any direction any moment, the very next moment. I have experienced them personally!!

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