Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Totally unexpected

The flash news today on NDTV read : The Chief Minister says that this flood is totally unexpected.

Totally pointless statement in life according to me. Millions have been affected due to the floods in Andhra Pradesh, India over the last week's time frame. The impact is really huge. All these natural calamities are usually unexpected. If expected, then you would have been able to do something about it. If you can predict the calamity, you will still only be able to minimize the impact, but never be able to achieve a success rate of zero impact.

If you spend sometime thinking about this, everything in life usually happens unexpectedly. If you are able to predict/expect everything, then for all you know, we may not value life for what it is to us.

We all use this 'unexpected' word often. The other word for this is 'Surprise'. Surprises, pleasant or shocking are all 'Unexpected' and life is full of them. Routine surprises like the Sun rise and Sun set might have been a surprise till people saw it every day and began to take it for granted. Do you stop to look at sunrise or sunset every day? Most of us do not, and even if we do, we don't care to see the surprise in it because it has become a routine. The earthquakes in Indonesian islands are 'Routine surprises' to the natives while, for us it is a totally 'Unexpected' calamity.

In my opinion, if you 'expect' something and it happens just the way you anticipated it to be, then it is still a surprise that things worked out just the way you wanted them to. We are proud t0 have the ability to predict and expect few things in life, but are never able to expect the 'Unexpected'. It is strange, but true. Another reason to believe that the quote 'Expect the Unexpected' is correct.

There is not much we can do about the 'Unexpected', when it comes as a shocking surprise.

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