Monday, October 05, 2009

Simple truth on CAN

There is only so much you can do on anything.
What you must, you will do anyway.
Anything beyond that is a sure way to loss of sleep, increased blood pressure and decreased peace of mind.

For those who believe in, " You can do almost everything", I must say, it is a nice thought and great to practice, but within the stretchable limits. Do what you can and what you must, to an extent that your mind, body, and time will permit. [ It is surely important to validate if your limit is because you are lazy or have been too busy. If you are limiting yourself because you are lazy, you alone can help yourself.]

Never limit your mind on its dreams and aspirations, but when you put them into action, just remember the feasibility limits as on date. You cannot think of building a house on Moon, when you have not even managed to buy a square foot of land, in the most remote real estate zone in your village. It is important not to lose focus on your immediate needs and short term plans in life, while working too hard on a long term dream.

You might be a stunning success twenty years later, but it is equally important to ride with the wave ( loved this term, borrowed from a conversation recently) till you know you have covered the basic personal requirements for you and your close circle. Anything you do in the name of acheivement should not affect your close circle more than they can handle.This applies to all walks of life - Art, Academics, Politics, Scientific research, Astronomy, Geology, Law, Engineering are a few examples of fields where people get so deep into the achievement mode, that they forget their personal life where other people are involved.


SG said...

Agreed ! This is why I love the SMART objectives - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. I have to use them at work (is a rule) but I love using them in normal life too (w.r.t my new year resolutions) so that I also have a sense of accomplishment with a satisfaction that I aimed neither too high nor too low :)

Musing Gal said...

I beg to differe here. What is important to one person will not be for another. There are a lot of scientistics, biologists and space researchers out there for whom the world unknown and beyond is their passion. That is their personal life and they do everything they can to succeed. Also there are other enterprenuers and business men, lobbyists and normal men who do extremely well in their own field along with taking care of their family. They do both because they intend to. Inshort my point is you can dream big and evn reach them if you really try and need not sacrifice anything for that. Any objective for the daring mind will be a SMART objective :)

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