Friday, August 07, 2009

Women and driving ............

If we have spent sometime chatting, you would have known that I mostly advocate women and their extra-ordinary capabilities... I think women are fantastic and most of them can handle everything other than emotions very well. [I must admit, a woman's Emotional Quotient is not as good as it should be, but I guess that has also got its plus points...]

Now, I didn't really think this EQ was a problem till I heard a discussion day before yesterday between two women and a little alarmed-looking gentleman. Why wouldn't he be? This is the statement one of the women made: I absolutely lost control and for a few seconds forgot that I can actually apply brake!!! Then, in a while, I regained composure and just swerved off the track and saved myself....

May be what happened was totally possible and there may be situations when you are totally dis-oriented with the scene on the road... and this could have been a genuine case..

Still, I must say women should not drive when they cannot handle the situation on the road... I had once seen a lady still on the signal even after the lights turned 'Green'. Then she and the long trail of vehicles had to wait till the next green signal to move on. I know of some of my friends who complain about Women drivers, and every time I had defended women... although I do not drive.

The idea that you can forget to apply brakes is a little scary and I think I may not really defend a woman driver again. What I can think of right now is, women should not drive :

When in a bad mood
When in sky-rocketing temper
When there is a truck load of work to do
When in hurry
When in not-so-good health

Well, out of ten drives, there are at least five times when women are in one of these situations..I have not mentioned rainy nights and foggy mornings... :-) So, while convenience and necessity drives the need to drive on Bangalore roads ( I live in Bangalore, so can talk only about Bangalore roads here) it is also prudent to think if you are really ready to drive, on a given day.

They say, Practise makes a man perfect.... So when you are not in any of the above situations, try driving and gain some confidence.... so some day when you are in a hurry/worry, you can still find the brakes.. and drive safe....


SG said...

I totally agree with you (although I hate to admit it and would never do so when conversing with men!!). I think its a genetic thing - just like women have an eye for colors, men have an instinct that helps them tackle situations while driving without having to think about them. Infact, I have so many thoughts about this topic that I am going to write a blog about it, thanks for the prompt :)

Casey said...

I have so much to say on this that I must really write a post on this :D

jayanthi said...

Yes Deepa, most of the cases are like that. But, this problem (I think) happens for an age group and for the starters. As you had listed, those 5 situations in which women should not drive, mostly affect women of age between 30 to 40 (up and down).
But all women are not like that. Some well experienced drivers can overcome emotional problems and does not show that during driving. One of my friend living here with 2 kids, working and has no elders support had a worst situation. few months back, she was driving with her 3 yr old son, 7 year old daughter and her daughter's 8 yr old friend. Suddenly, there was a twister (kind of Tornado) and she could not see anything in the road for almost 10 mins. But she managed the situation and brought the kids home safely. If I had been in that situation I would have had a heart attack that moment.
I think, some women cannot handle emotional situations and some can overcome. So those women who are little light hearted, better think before driving in the road (irrespective of 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler)

Anonymous said...

I must disagree there. I think women can be very good drivers. It is just a misconception.

Some are even better than men. I know some men who are extremely aggressive and drive very rashly.

Also, most of the drunk-driving and hit and run accidents are usually done by men.

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