Friday, August 14, 2009

Connecting people

No.. I am not referring to Nokia... I am just referring to the Internet world today. I had lost touch with a friend for the last seven years. Today, we got back in touch. It was interesting to know the updates. We also updated each other about the other common friends we knew and exchanged some contacts. All of these was unthinkable in the pre-net-savvy years [ early 90s so to speak ].

Now, given that we have a host of email service providers, chat services, professional networking sites, social networking sites, Voice Over Internet Protocol calls, and of course blogs, it is sad to note that people cant find the time to stay in touch. You don't have to be hooked on to all of these, but at least one of these must be possible right??

Amazing mind though - without a second question on why we were not in touch till date, we went on and on about 'catching up' with the happenings of the last seven years... even before we knew it, it was time for the 'nice catching up, catch you later online'.. She is running to 'catch up' with her next agenda of the day....

Too much of the catching up in our lives is what makes it difficult to 'catch up' with an old friend. I don't have a solution, yet, but then this is quite a point to ponder about.

Is this why, we were once taught to play the game, 'Running and Catching'. I dont know what it is called in the modern world and if the children ever play this, but I guess, it is about how we constantly have to 'catch up' with the ever ticking time and people.

It is tough to stay connected, though the Mind and the Internet ( not to forget Nokia) supports Connecting People....

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