Thursday, August 20, 2009

An award after a long time......My first blog recognition

Hi People,

All thanks to Nishita at She has nominated my blog for the zombie chicken award that you just read about.

Am super-thrilled about this award because it is the first award after a very long time in my life, and also the first-ever online recognition for my blog space in the last 3+ years of its life.

Few blogs that I would pass on this award to are :
Clearing the Clutter in the attic by Sowmya Gopal for the enthusiasm and positive attitude showered all over her writing.

Casey's Korner by Krupa for the chances to laugh, smile, and grin throughout the reading experience.

I love Nishita's Rants and Raves for the straight-forwardness in her writing. You don't award some one who has just given you an award.. Do you? :-) If I could, I would any day nominate her posts for book reviews, movie reviews and shopping reviews.

In Singapore: A Local [Af] Fare by Shobha for her 'full-of-life' writing.
If you want to read the most casual and welcoming tone and you want to know all about Singapore, you'll find it all here in her posts.

Tranquil Reverie by Shalini Satish for her travel posts that actually take you to the place as you start reading her posts. Most of her travel writings have been published in The Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

Discovered Feelings by Videhi Visali for her clear and crispy language, yet very graceful way of
expressing her discovered feelings.

Vizhiyan Pakkam by Umanath for his excellent proficient expressions in my mother tongue, Tamil. Whenever I want to read something different and something that is easy to connect to, I hop to Vizhiyan's blog. I am a strong believer of the verse: Thamizhukku Amudhendru Per.

Being a Mom - Re-discovering myself by Sowmya Ravindran for her excellent posts on her cute little prankster as she calls.

I am also happy to say that some of my friends have started blogging for the simple idea that blogging is fun and gives a chance to step out of your life and re-look at yourself from a different plane.


விழியன் said...

Great Achievement Deepa!!

Kalpana Harikrishnan said...

Congrats! I am sure your work will go to greater heights!

Sowmya said...

Hey Deeps congrats to you. And Thanks a Ton too! Wow, I think any kind of recognition gets you all warm and nice huh!

Now to add this to my blog and pass on the award :)

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