Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Spoorthi Team

The Spoorthi team is a group of loving, caring, joyful, thankful and vibrant youngsters in Bangalore. Some of them are friends from the same college or same class in their school days. Over the last few years of their association these friends inspired their own circles and Spoorthi team gained people strength.

I met this Stellar girl from the Spoorthi gang sometime last year. During one of our casual conversations, I got to know more about Spoorthi.

This group of friends had started Spoorthi as a social service initiative funded from their own pockets few years ago. This is their website :
The web page speaks about their work and service. So obviously I am not writing about their activities. Thanks to the Good God, I chanced to be a part of the team in the thirteenth activity at WARDS, Jeevan Bhima Nagar ( Safal Daily Fresh at Jeevan Bhima Nagar is the landmark). To read about it, click

Yesterday, I was waiting with another friend (who is also new to the whole idea of spending a day in a school for the differently-abled) on the 80 Ft. Road, Indra Nagar, Bangalore. The early morning( ofcourse 10:30 A.M is very early by Bangalore weekend standards, if you didn't know) cool weather, the nice pavement, the Gulmohar tree and its flowers, the hustle and bustle in the BSNL office, the ever-busy traffic gave a very special feel-good factor. From somewhere, a very cheerful voice greeted us with a Good morning...:-) If you know, there are some people's wishes that really make your day. This was one such wish. She was a smart and friendly girl, who knew both our names and before we knew we had started talking non-stop. It was easy to make friends with this Spoorthi girl. So it was with the rest of the gang we met in a few minutes time.

Success mantra 1 : To be in a team, learn to meet, greet and smile. - SAY HELLO

At the WARDS, we were talking to the teachers and the coordinator of the whole programme for the differently-abled children. I noticed the interest with which the Spoorthi team listened to what was being said. Every minute of the listening half-hour was spent trying to figure out where can Spoorthi help further.

Success mantra 2 : Listen and ask the right questions without worrying about what is right and what can go wrong. - ASK QUESTIONS

While we were talking, we lost sense of time and one of the team members came over to tell us that we ought to get started with the day's activities. Everyone else, had nothing else to say and with the grace that only Spoorthi could have managed, the team excused themselves out of the coordinator's room. One of the team members continued to talk to the coordinator and assured him that the team will talk to him soon. That was important. The conversation did not get interrupted but the call to action was heeded to almost immediately.

Success mantra 3 : To keep a watch of time is important and to ensure that you don't sound like you walked away in the middle of a session in progress is even more important. - BE AWARE

When the activities started, everyone in the team was equally interested to contribute. No one waited to be told what is to be done. People picked up any task they could find and continued working. When in doubt, they asked the team mates. There was no annoyance in the whole day for anything. Now, in any group activity that involves more than 2 people ( remember, they say, three is a crowd generally!!!!) there is bound to be disagreements and annoyance. In a group of ten, there was never an instance when there was any argument. No one was a boss there. Everyone was focused only on the end result and that made life easy.

Success mantra 4 : To be a successful team, participate without waiting for orders. When in doubt, ask the first team member you meet, stepping down from that ego dias of yours. - PARTICIPATE and SEEK HELP

Success mantra 5 : If you are annoyed, ensure that no one else other than your team knows. A loud annoyance can bring down the team strength in the eyes of the outsider and generally reduce the overall dedication levels in the team. - HANDLE WITH CARE

These are the first thoughts that came to my mind when I think of the WARDS day and the Spoorthi group. I can spend time on more observations, but then let's just say, if we can follow these five points in any group activity, event management, project team or just about anywhere where people are working for a common cause, life would be a lot easier and in the end, everybody gets to Smile..!!! :-)


yezdi3736 said...

These small nuances which are generally overlooked, its commendable to see that you have observed and let us know. Thanks a bunch, Spoorthi is happy to have you express such amazing facts :)

Sowmya said...

Very interesting. Nice to see you making a difference.

Keep blogging Deeps!

SK said...

Congrats to you and Spoorthi Team.

Website link what you hve given is Google group where only members can access it seems ?? Anyways I can go through the blog.

BTW what is mean by Spoorthi ?? Is that mentioned somewhere ??

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