Sunday, August 30, 2009


I am upset, irritated, confused, and angry after watching Susi Ganesan's movie, Kandhasamy. That said, I would not say the movie does not have plus points at all.

Plus point : The Concept
One segment of the Indian population is rich and is getting richer each minute, whereas the poor remain poor. A brilliant group of youngsters decide to swindle all the fraudulent cash that is floating around among the extra-ordinarily rich people to the poorest of the poor. The way they have plotted the story is interesting and is definitely worth an applause. The hero clicked well as a CBI officer.

Minus point : The heroine's role
There is absolutely no need to bring the girl in such a vulgar character portrayal. Whatever be the reason - circumstantial, psychological or analytical - anyone gives me for this kind of a role (a role where there is really no respect for womanhood) I dont think it was required for this storyline.

Sad state : Women's costumes
I can make a very rude remark; but considering that the movie unit has spent a lot of time,effort, money and energy in the making, with due respect to everyone's sincerity in getting the movie out successfully, I must say that the costumes for the lead lady in the movie were BAD. She is a pretty woman, a lovely doll, but the costumes and scenes cover up her beauty (!!!!!!) with vulgarity. All, for a subject that does not require this effect.

Bad idea : Lead characters with no real essence in their roles.
I am talking about Vadivel and Y.G.Mahendran. If there is a comedy required, then its nice to enjoy. The comedy track can be a separate track, but it has to run till the end of the movie. It seems like Vadivel's comedy track of two scenes has been plugged into the movie randomly, for no rhyme or reason. And Y.G.Mahendran could have been given a stronger character to play.

The lyrics of one of the songs was so bad that I still cant bring myself to think that such thoughts can even occur to people. I never said, Worship a Woman; but atleast there has to be some respect to womanhood when songs are written. Its not that I am noticing this for the first time in Tamil filmdom, but today, I just said it. This comment will fit most pathetic lyrics. What film makers do not understand is that these are the songs that get played in road side shops, Fm channels and local transport buses. When you hear the words outside of a theatre in a common man's every day set up, it sounds worser than worst can get. Also, the highlight is when all the dance shows in all the TV channels start dancing to the tunes of the lyrics in such 'so-called' popular movies. Remember, there is a censor board for movies and you can choose not to take children to some movies, but rarely there is a censor board for stage shows and TV dance shows. You cannot argue with the team of young dancers when they say that they have chosen the song for the music. Can you?

One word : Nice concept sans respect for womanhood.
In the name of showing the reality, this movie would have surely given wrong ideas to atleast one person.

Last word : Kandhasamy - a good time pass with bad memories of the inappropriately dressed barbie doll heroine.


SG said...

I think you are being too kind ! really...!!

nishitak said...

Who is the heroine in this movie?

But, I think this could be a generic comment on all Tamil movies...always the heroines are so vulgar, and the music is loud and tasteless.

I can't remember any recent Tamil movie that I actually enjoyed :(

Kalpana Harikrishnan said...

Nondhu vandhurukanu nalla theriyudhu...
I have not watched the film but listened to some of the songs. You are correct, I wish they are more responsible and careful. As you said, these songs frequent the music channels and you can see even a 3 or 4 yr old singing the vulgar lyrics. Pathetic!

nishitak said...

hey...I have given another award for you (for all the Spoorthi-related posts). You can collect it from

Musing Gal said...

Thank you for saving me $16. I wonder why in India they even take such movies.

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