Sunday, February 26, 2012

Young and Old!!!

I cant believe this myself, but I must be honest to tell you all this wonderful realization that finally dawned on me this evening about talking, expressing, and speaking at large.

Someone I have known since my childhood has been asking me to come over to her house. My mother and I went to meet her this evening. Old age had set in and she looked older than the last time I met her.

After some initial enquiries about my side of the world, she went on to talk about many of her family issues most of which seemed very unlike of her nature... and very non-cohesive...and very shocking...

Issues are there everywhere, but all those issues that people try keeping to themselves until old age comes out when people feel lonely at old age. Old people need someone to talk to and something to keep themselves occupied. This is the truth that I learnt.

Else, talking causes a lot of problems for them, around them. It is easy to get branded as 'Oldies' and stranded in isolated world where no one would talk to them because what they talk seems to cause a lot of problems for the younger generation.

What younger generation should realize is that the old people need to get a feeling of being included and being given some responsibility that they can handle as long as they can...Idle Mind is a devil's workshop and more so at old age... When old age sets in, all the past gets processed in the workshop making the present idle times difficult to deal with and hence get expressed in a lot of loose talk and damage. The young shouldn't mind the old people's baseless conversations that is uncharacteristic of them. It is best to recall their younger days when the present oldies were more reasonable and nice.

What the older generation should realize is that younger generation need their space and they have their view points and enjoy being left to handle responsibilities themselves... When the young people need old people's wisdom and advice, they will approach. If they don't, then it is up to them to experience what they must and whenever support is needed the older generation should render it to their best. The old shouldn't mind the young people's newest trends and baseless confusions. Its best to enjoy their young age for what it is and what it means to their happiness.

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