Monday, February 06, 2012

Morals at Stake!!

After a very long long long time I flipped channels to stay glued to an English Movie. I want to name it, but deciding against it, as it wont make a difference to the subject I have in mind.

I have always stayed away from English movies, mostly because they are loud to me sometimes, the language seems really foreign to me and also because I never grew up watching movies and never had many chances to watch English.. There has been no other real reason.

The few select movies that I watched, have always made me wonder, how in the wide world can people think of such simple story outline and make a lovely movie... I am not a movie fanatic but I like to watch good movies.. Now, what is a good movie in my terms ?? Anything that really grips my attention to the screen for longer than thirty minutes.

So, it was this afternoon, when I turned on the TV. All the channels, almost all the channels had a movie going on. I kept changing channels and finally glued on to an English movie, because the set up was nice... the stars, whose names I didn't know seemed familiar and the scene was very very realistic - of a family morning routine where the kid is lazy and the mother is trying to teach the child to discipline himself to the clock's ticking and get ready to go to school.. and the father is busy trying to chalk out his work day, know about his son's school day ahead and also his wife's work day plans, amidst breakfast and rushing out to the door... It was a total commonplace scene and the titles started playing on.. which meant, I had switched on the channel at the right time..I have always preferred watching a movie from the beginning.. so this was my final pick for the afternoon.

I put the remote aside and started staring into the screen without much expectation. The story picked up speed and I knew the story in the next five minutes to ten minutes.. I was predicting an extra-marital affair and did sense that the story is not what I thought it would be and wanted to switch off the TV. But then, somewhere deep down, I wanted to believe that there could be a nice twist to the story and that my guess could turn out false.... so treading on hopes, I continued with the same movie.

I soon realized that I could not have predicted the story line better.... Put off totally with the various scenes and incidents that the story unfolded, I switched off the TV and wanted to express my mind here in the blog.

Wonder what the actresses think? Even if it is just a movie, a fiction, the moment they are acting is so true and real and there are certain situations that penetrate deep down into people's heads and hearts as they act. Can they sleep peacefully?? Do they care about their emotional strength or their family members?? Do the directors even think anymore that there are certain things that are labelled private in this world? Or am I being conservative in their view??

Honestly, I am clueless as to the purpose of any movie making apart from money making and stardom... The actress who has worked on this movie, has gone beyond the limits to do her best, at the stake of her personal values and morals, if you ask me.... and does the director even care??

I know I am simply yelling here, but then it is totally disastrous to this growing generation however well-intended the story line is, if they don't conceal certain aspects of real life and find a way to say the most sensitive things blanketed in a neat implicit scene.

The explicit ways of displaying, expressing, and explaining everything can cause devastating damage to today's younger generation.

Will the movie makers think??

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Krishna said...

Donno whether u would like my comment or not....
I agree there are good and bad movies... but is'nt it just a reflection of the society.
I'm not aware of which movie you are referring here, but you mentioned abt extra-marital affairs. Isn't it a common (if not common atleast realistic) thing happening across societies (even in India). So i believe it's perfectly alright to portray a story thats reflects even some section of the society (even if its a minority).

That's what movies are meant to be, telling stories of what's happening around them. Be it good or bad. If they are really bad (which in many cases are), there is the censor board to take care by issuing appropriate guidelines for movie watching.

Coming to the morality of the actress. I don't see the question of moral arising. Rather the issue of ethics may arise and it's the actor's professional ethics that matters to them more than morals. Like there are good and bad people in the society, actors need to portray good and bad characters. Thats their job.

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