Sunday, February 05, 2012

My thoughts on emails....

I have never believed that I can get lucky to enjoy a benefit without working for it. And still don't believe. May be would never believe.

I opened my mail box one day to check this compelling message which said, Congratulations, You have won!!! Knowing today's Internet trends of virus and hacking hobbies floating around the network, the once techie me, decided not to open the email.

The same email reached the mail box of my husband and he is fortunately a believer like me that 'Nothing comes for free'... I warned him not to open the mail, only because, where we live it is difficult to vaccinate the computer or format it over again.... We do have an anti virus software in place, still I didn't want to take a chance.

When I reached India, I saw the same email again in my mail box.I checked the Anti virus updates and decided to go ahead with the email.

The mail promised to send the lottery prize of xyz million dollars to my account if I sent across Rs.12000 to a specific account in x days time.

Now tell me this.... Who in the wide world would believe such an email, especially after so many email blunders have been floating all over the net since time unknown? Why do people do this? Even if this is an automated email, floating to many email accounts, and many such emails are in prevalence, wonder what is the thrill in having these emails sent?

Are people so jobless in this world? It irritates me to see useless forwards, some useless lucky draw invitations, lottery wins and unsolicited advices, tips and tricks to live life...

Makes me look at only personally addressed emails with some real talking or enquiries from friends.. I have literally stopped reading forwards, no matter how useful or useless they are.. I know there are many useful forwards floating around too, but then some spam emails make me totally indifferent towards even highly informative and useful email forwards.

If you are sending a forward to someone next time, make it a point to ensure that you only send useful stuff and mention it somewhere in the mail text. Else, there will come a time in the networking world when people would stop checking emails!!!!

Emails have been widely accepted practice for quite a few years now, and it is easy for people to start ignoring emails if useless emails float around. Next time you send an email, really take time to think!!!!

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