Sunday, February 05, 2012

Splash on cards

  • Life revolves around cards - Credit, Debit, Astro, or Tarot.
  • Credit cards give you the satisfaction of paying the fees for something a little late.. but the truth is you have to pay anyway.
  • Debit cards give you the benefit of not having to carry cash, but makes you spend more than you would have wished to, most times.
  • Debit cards make you forget the worth of cash. Credit cards remind you of the same when you write your check for payment.
  • When all else fails people tend to believe in Astro or Tarot cards. It is best to believe them for what they are worth, than arguing why they can't be true.
  • Credit Cards refute the statement: Never postpone what you can do today.
  • When we use credit cards, indirectly we believe in getting something for free at any given moment.
  • When we use debit cards, unconsciously we forget that money exists in this world.
  • Cards seem to make life easy... but remember, they dont seem to make financial management easy.
Inspired by the two HDFC cards lying on my table right now, as I type this email.

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