Saturday, April 10, 2010

Work while you Work

There is a quote that we've all heard : Work while you work and Play while you play.

The movie ended when the hidden love was finally found and everyone was generally happy that the director let the pair be happy at the end of the story. When I stood up to leave, a bright rectangular frame of light caught me. I took another step closer and saw that it was from a laptop screen. I could see this casual software engineer with a laptop displaying programming codes and he was on the phone talking to someone about the code.

Unbelievable!!! Saturday afternoon. Multiplex theatre. Bangalore City. After a long time, a nice Tamil movie in town. Wonder why he brought his laptop to the theatre?? May be he was planning to go to office from the theatre, but that should be after the movie, why keep the laptop open and look into the complex code when in a movie theatre??

When I told this to my friend, she said, "I saw the laptop right from Scene One in the movie.... I just don't understand these software engineers and their heights of workaholism sometimes....

If you are working on Rocket science, Surgical Medicine, and such life-threatening crash-prone applications, then I understand you must be hooked on to your laptop all the time... Even that said, such engineers wont spend time in a movie theatre with a laptop switched on. Whichever way I try to rationalize today's scene, I am just not able to understand.

Will the computeraholics change for their own good??


Deepak G said...

ha ha i m just back after seeing tat movie u r talkin abt n well i was doing some office work b4 going to the theatre n i really tot i cld hv bot it man heroism stories are bah for me :)..

Priya H said...

May be he thought he could work without any disturbance!

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