Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bangalore last evening

Bangalore heat was scorching yesterday afternoon. No complaints because it was our choice to step out at Noon on a Summer day. With that said, it is definitely surprising to get out of office to be greeted by cool rain drops on your face.

Sometimes we don't know what we are missing when we are lost in work within the closed air-conditioned office buildings. We have all missed the beautiful scene outside. I was glad I got out in time to experience the rest of the weather marvel.

Cool rain drops on my face... I loved it, but then just because I was carrying an umbrella and just because I knew for a fact that getting wet in the first rains of the summer can take me to a doctor's clinic instead of home, I opened my umbrella... I took in all the beauty of the flowers and bushes in my office campus. They all seemed to be as happy as I was about the rains. There was a slight warmth in the air ( refer a science text to see why, don't ask me please...) that was nice. The clouds were not too dense or too sparse, not too dark either.. so in all the gray shade on the sky made the place look like it was 6:30 P.M. My watch showed 5:00P.M.

I was walking with a friend enjoying the background. Stepped into a local Volvo bus and heard the most romantic piece in Kannada..Mungaaru malaiye... It was the first song that impressed me in my early wonder days in Bangalore.. so it happens to be my favorite... Was humming along, turned towards the window to see the pseudo night fall at that hour of the evening, the rain droplets on the glass windows and the well-lit Bangalore shops that gave a painting effect on the glass windows.

Unconsciously I smiled, (Art and climate do that to you...) and a lightning flashed in the sky; It felt as if God took a photograph of my mind and face and the mood in general. It was a lovely moment, worth a picture and was totally blissful.

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Kite said...

u have actually painted a picture of that day with your words!

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