Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Common traits in corporate

I was still thinking of the unusually pathetic taste of the Channa Masala side dish, as I was putting away my used plate. Wondering how easy or difficult it can be to spoil such a nice dish.

"Yeah, File A is fine.. but unless the script 'whatever' had taken 'whatsoever' parameter into consideration at the time it gets invoked....."

the noise seemed to fade now, because I was rushing out of the zone and from these dangerously workaholic people. When you are at the cafe discuss everything other than work, please...... I wanted to yell!!!!!

Made me quickly jot down a few traits that I have noticed in the past those can be stamped: "Unmistakably Corporate".

My observations are limited to IT corporates only, as my work experience is limited to IT industry:

  • After the first five minutes of any casual meeting, a topic about technology starts.
  • Almost always there is the office identity card in the bag, whether it is a casual evening outing or a party.
  • Laptops are considered among the list of 'most essentials' in the house.
  • Java code and product releases get discussed round the clock, 365 days a year.
  • Any discussion with an IT engineer shows inclination towards networking than friendship.
  • Festival day is just another regular work day.
  • Birthdays are party times.
  • Corporate people can very rarely write a heart-to-heart friendly email.
  • Lot of please, thank you and sorry words will be used in a span of fifteen minutes of any casual discussion.
  • If you see a scent of elegant gossip, then you are definitely talking to someone from the IT sector.
  • Even to have coffee, an IT professional sometimes needs a reminder on his Outlook calendar or mobile phone.

If I spend a little more time, I can write more, but will stop here, as a dutiful IT professional who has to get back to work. A reminder is just flickering on my desktop.

Hail IT world!!!!

I am sure the same is the case with other sectors where workaholism prevails. Let's take care to be aware of these traits that brand us different from the rest of the herd.

Awareness is the first step towards correction of mistakes.

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