Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An 'Eda' and the little girl at breakfast

I was having a quiet breakfast in the nearest eatery this morning. A chatter that seemed distant, slowly became more audible and sounded very close.

Eda, Can you ask for *Dosas please?

m.. you sit here, I'll come soon.

I felt compelled to turn and look around to place the voice to the face. A very cute little girl ( my guess is three or two years old..) was sitting on a chair trying to keep her hands on the table which she cannot even reach. She clearly was enjoying herself in this busy eatery where a lot of people were asking for a lot of things across the service counter. Her Dad took her preference of *Dosas and walked over to the counter too. This kid was staring at nothing in particular ( that's what I thought) and suddenly yelled:

Eda, can you order for *Pani puris too??

Her dad looked around and waved a 'yes' with his hand and had to confirm it once again with a nod.

I turned back to my plate and continued eating with my ears still perked up for the next statement from this child. She started singing something and then yelled again:

Eda, coffee too please??

The Eda made me smile every time... That is a *Malayalam word, used in addressing a someone in a *Malayalee family. Next, I wondered how does she rattle off *Pani Puris and *Dosas and coffee all of a sudden. She doesn't look like she wanted or will eat anything of those. Then I looked at the colorful photos of all these dishes lined up in a well-lit space on the walls. So, that's where she must have picked up her choices from!!!.

Amazing how much children notice... and how much they remember.. and how much they grasp.... The next minute, she was sitting on a different chair and started watching the road; of course songs to keep her company, till her father gets back to her with all that she asked for.

As I finished my breakfast and walked out, I heard the child asking her father if he asked for the ice cream too?? The last counter in the shop sold ice creams in the evenings and the photos on the display panel had a lot of yummy looking ice creams printed on it.

May be there was an emergency situation at home and breakfast had to be ordered from outside, but then if the child is not used to such eateries, she cannot feel as comfortable as she looked.. So, I am sure this was not the first time that the Eda and the little girl were ordering for food from an eatery.

No comments.. Just my observation.

From now onwards, I wont blame the children if they love to eat out very often. It must have started very early.... as early as three years of age...

*Dosas and Pani Puris are Indian delicacies.
* Malayalam is a South Indian Language spoken in the state of Kerala, India.

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