Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Are birds Civil engineers?

Summer rains in Bangalore have started. My friend had stepped out for a quiet morning walk and came across this lovely nest in her garden. The rains must have been too harsh for the nest and it had fallen off the tree.

On a closer look, it was a Kite's nest. I understood her description like this:

Long strong twigs were placed neatly at the bottom. Then twigs of similar strength were placed over the base twigs in an angle and order which only the Kites knew how. This whole arrangement made a casing. Inside the casing, coconut shell's fibre was placed to make it a soft cushion at the base. The whole nest seemed to have been done in a very carefully thought-out engineering design.

Made us wonder : Who taught the Kites ( for that matter any bird) to make a nest? Imagine the kind of effort involved to find the right twigs and fibres and transport it to the same tree ( in a forest where five trees of the same kind are seen, I am not sure, if I would be able to spot the right tree after I wander around the place for a while..) and get into the job. There is one beak to do it all.

A sharp contrast to a construction project where hands and feet and cranes and tongues and minds and blue prints and machines..... and many other things I probably do not even know are employed.

Who taught the birds? How do they sense the right twig? How do they choose the right tree? How do they remember the chosen tree? For all the hard work that they put in to build a nest, there is really no insurance!!!! They live for the day and their life is all about survival.

A sharp contrast to man's life: We always live for tomorrow or ponder about yesterday.Man's life is always about struggle, or so we say!!!!! Are we struggling more than the birds? We wont know, till we become a bird and get to experience and express how we feel!!! but then we can clearly say we do crib a lot about whatever gifts we have been given and whatever additional means we have access to.

Birds are better than Man in most aspects : Patience, Silence, Artistry, Methodical, Sincerity, Hard work. Lastly, they are go-getters while most of us human beings are not really. May be the people who know the language of the birds and do research on birds, can say better.

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Deepak G said...

wah full form la irukeenga admiration for the spider web is only second to nests cos a nest is a home whereas a web is a trap...

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