Friday, April 30, 2010

Know if you must take help.....

I smiled because for the first time I could identify a car as 'Ford' without trying to read the front or the rear of the car. Years of practice automatically drew my eyes to the front of the car to read the make, but from the Volvo seat where I sat, my eyes stopped at the lovely dress I could see. The lady's dress sense was excellent. Sometimes, we cannot help applauding some people's dress sense.

Then, attention shift again; the hands that drove the car seemed a little unsure.. I looked around.. Obviously, Bangalore peak hour traffic. Its difficult to be sure, but I always believe drivers do not have an excuse to lose focus.- Ever.

As my bus moved forward, I finally got to see the face of this best-dressed lady with the unsure driving sense. One quick look and you could say that she was very disturbed. Her eyes showed restlessness and her hands were quivering a little, the car was snailing its way and also looked a little less majestic ( driver's hold determines the way the car looks) and there was a flash of total helplessness on her face.

The picture keeps flashing on my mind... Stress is the word, I am sure. What is the cause or how can it be eased are things that I do not know.That she might not know driving or her car might be out of fuel is definitely not the reason for the look on her face.

If one of these is the reason, then I can say she is getting over stressed for small things.. If these are not the reasons, then I must say, people like her should take help from someone or choose another means of transport to get to office. Such drivers ( women mostly) with not a very stable mind state can be the cause of major traffic incidents and accidents.

It is important to know if you must take help. Its just okay to 'not drive' on a not-so-good day.

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