Monday, April 26, 2010

Lot of noise about Silence

... in my mind, for the last few days.

Yesterday, I was in a car with one of my nieces. One of her favorite dance numbers was the background music as I was talking non-stop as usual about something. The child gave me this 'Oh..Please....' look and said, " Chitthi, I want to listen to this song, please.."

For the first time, that request seemed sensible to me. I stopped talking till the song got over.

Later yesterday evening, when I had some quiet time for myself, I debated silence in my mind. Oh yes, if you are quiet, it does not mean you are silent.

I was not talking but worse still, was debating silence in my head. Debates can cause stress and talks relieve you of stress. Its amazing how both these involve the same talking on a different stage with a different mind set.

After a varied levels of arguments in my mind, as on date I can conclude that:

Being Quiet is important when:

- writing an exam.

- in a pointless argument.

- uttering one word can cause disastrous turn of the already serious situation.

Being quiet just means 'not talking'. It has definitely no other relevance and mostly to do with protocol or decency that you choose to respect.

Silence means to attempt to keep your mind quiet and focus on what is happening within or in front of you. Silence can mean introspection, bring inner peace and comfort and equals a meditative mood, most of the times.

Being silent makes sense when:

-listening to someone speak their heart out.

-lending shoulder to lean on for someone who needs support.

-in a condolence meeting.

-a baby is sleeping.

-art has you completely fascinated.

-you are in the company of a beautiful natural scenery and a companion.

These are some of the moments that I think silence makes sense.

Often I see dictionaries and people equating silence and 'not talking'. They are two different concepts altogether. I believe that Silence brings peace whereas Quietness can bring turbulence to some people.

A talkative person need not be turbulent in mind as is the popular belief.

A talkative person is more silent in the mind because he/she has less to burden the mind and is eventually at a better position to handle blood pressure + inner peace than the quiet person.

This whole post is with due respect to and in complete agreement with the saying : Words and eggs are to be handled with care, for, Eggs when broken and Words when spoken cannot be repaired.

This whole thing about Silence was nagging me for the last few weeks and I felt it important to write it out here. Share your views too. Would love to know what you think.


Prateek Sur said...

I dunno abt others but i'm an out an out extrovert person and cant act like a i need to keep on blabbering all the tym..and regarding the quote u forgot to add "eggs like promises r meant to be broken!!" no harm if others share diff views..its better to talk ur heart out rather than later repenting and thinking "had I told it then!!"..
and as the song from ajab prem ki gazab kahani goes "Follow me..Follow follow me..!!"I would ask u to check out my blog and follow me.!!

Deepak G said...

we indians love talking dont we? but its a pity that in school which is where we spend the most precious time of our lives, talking is restricted..there must be more interaction @ that level itself between a teacher-student, student-student (incl gals/boys)...but nowadays its good to see schools n teachers r more broad minded and encourage lots of interaction.....hehe i also remember a saying i remember a saying, it is better to shut your mouth and let others wonder if you are fool than to open n confirm it...

Ωρίωνλφκε said...

Hmmm... Pardon me for quoting your own words, Silence means to attempt to keep your mind quiet .... inner peace ... meditative mood.... I don't think you were keeping your mind quiet being silent for making that much of noise, is it? ;-)

Dew Drop said...

@ Ωρίωνλφκε

Thank you so much :) This is exactly what I wanted noticed :)

Quoting lines from the same post :
Later yesterday evening, when I had some quiet time for myself, I debated silence in my mind. Oh yes, if you are quiet, it does not mean you are silent.

I had a quiet time, not a silent time :) I was just "not talking", but my mind was continuously talking about this concept of silence..

What I wrote exactly meant that.. A lot of "noise" about silence :) Never said I am or was or can be silent ;)

Oh yes, when I am with nature, I am very silent.. :)and that silence is bliss.

Continue reading, thank you so much.

Kite said...

Good post Deepa. Something which very few really talk about or even notice. Its so important to distance ourselves from our self and see this noise about silence within us.

Musing Gal said...

When I am quiet I like to ponder on things just like you said, too much for the brain to do and I like it. I used to be talkative.. even now sometimes I do, but more often I am quiet, I get to listen, assimilate more things and it helps.
Also Silence... I tend to shut down even the thoughts sometimes... It gives that very Peace I need :), Its much harder for me to achieve this sometimes.

Dew Drop said...

Dear Musing Gal,

I still cant believe the quiet you, I met last year. I dont want to agree that you have become quiet... :)

Silent you, I can relate to for sure :) from all your posts.

I would still say, Be silent, but dont be quiet :) unless absolutely required.. It simply is not you.

Love you,

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