Thursday, January 07, 2010

Three Idiots

Finally... after the world has watched the movie, I got a chance to write about the movie... Three Idiots, a Vidhu Vinod Chopra movie.

It is a must-see movie, so I won't detail the story or characters or the artists or the music or direction. All these is for you to find out from the reviews on the Internet or the movie itself.

All thanks to Chetan Baghat's characters in his first book, Five point someone. It is a hilarious and sensible account of three friends in IIT. The movie has taken its base characters from the book and the story takes a cinematic turn which is perfect for a movie.

Some major take-aways:

- All Is Well.
- Focus on Excellence, Success will Follow.
- In most situations,'Do whatever it takes' .
- Notice small niceties and hidden talents in people.
- Take time to be attentive to words and feelings.
- If you can encourage someone, just do it.
- You do not have to stand first to win in life.
- Be a friend.
- Success is relative.
- It is not bad at all.
- What matters to you most, may not figure in someones priorities.

Five days after watching the movie, these points stayed in my mind. Frame by frame, if I get to watch the movie and write a moral, I can still write. The credit goes to the movie makers and the movie crew.

Minus point was the suicide attempt and the suicide case. Unsure what kind of impact this might have on the younger crowd who have not yet seen college life. That is something which bothered me a bit, but yeah, I understand why the scene was required in the movie. Most popular institutes tax students to a level that the students cant manage and resort to extreme measures. The movie goes to say that it is a flawed system and a flawed logic that we all are inclined to when it comes to education systems and evaluating top colleges. Handing emotions is another dimension altogether. We are yet to learn to take life light especially when it comes to education,, though statistics say that people are doing better in this regard, these days.

One word : Worth your time and money, Different from the rest of the movies, Brings back your college memories, and Makes you spread the word about the movie.

Three idiots - Totally sensible.


SG said...

Take-aways - nice summary, well expressed.

All izz well :D

SK said...

Watched it last week. Planning for a post in my blog.

One question which i cannot answer yet..

Am in working in the field which I want ?? Am I doing what I like ??

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