Wednesday, January 06, 2010

See where life takes you....

That is from a recent email conversation with a college friend, yesterday.
The line made me think.... It is nice to see where life has taken you from whichever point in time to the present. It is exactly three years since I came to Bangalore. It has been an interesting journey so far.. Over the last three years,

Some strangers became friends..
Some view points changed..
Some attitudes improved..
Some experiences became lessons..

Professional circles changed..
Pay check changed..
Close friends became closer..
Personal policies remained..

Smiles increased..

This is a very short, generic list that I have written. To be honest, it is interesting to note how life has changed course for us from a point in time till another point in time.. When I did, I could appreciate a lot of things and realized it is important to be thankful for what life brings to us each day.

I thought this statement 'See where life takes you..' is very thoughtful, although it was a very casual remark from my friend. Once in a while, let's stop to see where life has taken us so far and wait to watch the next action field that unfolds in front of us. So, here is my wish for you again : Wherever life takes you this year, may it work well for you.

Happy New year 2010. This year, let's think and thank a lot :)

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SG said...

'See where life takes you' - totally true, I wrote something very similar in my first post of this year.

I really liked your simple but powerful expression of your 3 yrs in B'lore...I feel the same way about my tenure in Germany.

Life really is a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get next (but atleast its always a chocolate :D)

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