Thursday, January 28, 2010


I used to have a good... no.. very good handwriting when I was in school. This statement, I am constantly telling myself to remind me that I can write neatly.


In college, the dutiful and sincere student in me started writing a lot of notes in class for the first one month. I think, that's when I lost my neat handwriting. Never written like that ever. Or may be its because of the voluminous engineering exam papers that we had to write in about three hours time to secure a grade in the university. Close to 40 theory papers, averaging to fifty pages each can tell you the volume of effort that has gone into spoiling my neat handwriting; not to mention the siren kind of bells that mark the close of the exam hour.

Some of the other reasons I can think of for this dramatic change of my handwriting into a totally incomprehensible doctor's prescription strokes ( definitely intended comment.. I have not seen too many clear doctor's prescriptions till date... often wonder how the pharmacist can figure out an l from a t in a medicine's name.. Doctors should have a handwriting class) kind of a handwriting are:

Thanks to computers, I never really had to write a lot on paper except forms and forms unlimited for everything under the sun.
I do not write letters very often.
I do not own notebooks.
I do not have homework that requires some writing on paper.
Stopped sending greeting cards like I used to.

In the computer and mobile world, I can text at the rate of two hundred characters in less than two minutes..and type at the rate of 46 words per minute.

I did not learn typing and was very happy about my achievement till I had to write a complaint letter to an officer in the telecoms office. I had to just write half a paragraph in the usual letter writing standards. When I was done with the letter, it looked like a scribble and nothing more than that. I attempted to rewrite it so the officer understands my script - I did manage to hand in a legible letter, but still makes me wonder how much things have changed... My legible and cursive typed hand writing once won a lot of appreciations and now, I have brought it to a state that I am myself unable to accept.

Bought a note book and started handwriting practice :) As it happens and as you see, I am typing away to glory here continuing my type-writing practice... :) Will I be able to get back my signature style of writing??!!!!?? For that matter, will any one out there be able to regain your once legible hand writing?? If you manage to win, let me know.. :)


SK said...

I can write loads and loads in this topic.. :)

My handwriting spoiled when I missed my english teacher Ms. Manimegalai. I learnt cursive writing and strokes from her. Then we shifted to male staffs at some point of time and then it dropped down drastically.:( After that I cannot regain my handwriting.

my handwriting looks completely different in two different days. It also depends on my mood, I have to say so. :)

ippadi oru night outlaiyum bloggingaa .. kalakunga :)

Krishna said...

Ya...this happens to everybody in software industry..we usually tend to loose our handwriting coz of lack of practice....
It's very important to atleast keep our signature(hand written signature) in tact. That's why i religiously fill all the columns in the log book in our shuttle. It contains loads of data to be filled. Name,dept,prj,time,area etc etc. Usually everybody follows the 'deto' practice to avoid filling such lenghty entries. But i make sure that i'll fill all the columns on my own even if the previous person's details are exactly like mine. And also the signature...i do my full length signature.. maintaining our original signature is a damn important thing..

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