Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Do we want to learn English Alphabet all over again?

A for Apple..
B for Ball..
C for Cat..
D for Doll..
E for Egg..
F for Fan..

This is how our schools have so far been teaching. Right now, I know the alphabet is being taught with phonetics associated with the letters, so when the children speak the English language, there is no need to correct the pronunciation.

At one of the bus stops day before, I saw an advertisement from Aircel for an Internet card that you can use on your mobile phone and connect to the Internet. Applause to the creativity involved in the Advertisement.

This is what it said:

A for Address..
B for Blog..
C for Chat..
D for Download..
E for Email..
F for Face book..

and I went on to continue..

G for Google
H for Hot mail
I for Internet
J for Jabber

I am sure, given some thought we could make a complete new, modern, trendy library of words for every letter in the English Alphabet. I would not be surprised if the schools adapt to this library soon.

All the children start-off their play time in life, with their parents' laptops or mobile phones or desktops or TV remote controls. Wonder where this is leading?

Are we rushing the children to grow up faster than their own pace? It seems so, but I do not know. I think I have had a great time in my childhood playing outdoor games with children of my age group, something I can never do today.... Even if I get a chance to, it would never be the same kind of fun.

Glue the kids to computer and television at a very early stage in life , and they will never get to be children again to know what it is like to play with friends outdoors, make a sand castle, and soil a brand new white dress. It may not be exciting to wash the mud and the stain off the dress for the parent, but I think it is a must-enjoy experience for a child.

Internet, Email, Computer games, Television, PlayStation games, Cartoon channels, all these can wait!!!!!! in my opinion. I like the advertisement a lot, but wonder if this is reflecting the current trend and lifestyle in Indian houses??


SK said...

Ejactly your honour.. :-)

naanga ellam maari romba naal aachu.. enga alphabet list theriyanumaa ?? :-)

SG said...

couldn't agree with you more. I have 3 resolutions - making my kids read books, play outdoors and not allowing my kid to watch any TV until 4 and use any laptop until 12 !

Musing Gal said...

I really like the teaching with phonetics idea. Kids here(in US) learn it like that. That would not only give them a good command over English but would help in understanding the basic building blocks of any language.

The other point yes.. technology is overpowering everthing. My cousins are stuck to computer games and forget outdoors, they are not even interested in playing any other indoor games. I am even wondering will it affect the child's social skills... will the child become an intovert...

Manjunath Raj said...

Luvly Jot Deeps :)

Yup, the sad reality is this :( Until all parents make a conscious effort with a huge amount of determination, the kids will never get a glimpse of the good things in life. The ones, that kids can do @ any point of time without any thots stopping 'em from.

I always miss my childhood :( Sometimes ignorance is bliss :)

Chill out n continue the gr8 work as usual :)

Anonymous said...

it's easy to say, but very difficult to implement.

When our own lives revolve around laptop, mobile, and TV, how can we expect otherwise from kids?

From a distance of time, our childhoods look idyllic, but honestly even today's kids will look back and say the same thing about their childhood and lament about their children...

That's life :)

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