Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Extra-terrestreal estate

[ Disclaimer : This reaction is as on the date of this blog.. You never know what I will write about it tomorrow, if they indeed prove that life in Moon is possible and there is real estate space available for sale there... except the paper work that might bother me, I don't think I will have a problem signing up for a space on Moon, given that the investment is worth my money.]

'Extra-terrestreal' estate!!!!!!! Definitely not a misspelling :) Real estate is really getting into extra-terrestrial space making it extra-terrestreal estate business...

What else would you say if you receive this link on email:

This talks about gifting some space in the Moon for a friend. The cost would be Rs.1650 for a definite area of the land in the moon.

Years ago, I remember reading about the fact that some people had claimed to have bought some land ( Is the land on the moon called land or would it be appropriate to be called terrain or some such word?) on the Moon. It was very unbelievable and I dismissed the thought. After I read this link today, I surfed for two minutes online to find these snippets:

China is the eighth country to have a Lunar Embassy office, according to the China Daily - after the US, Germany, Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Lunar Embassy Office!!!!!!

"....the salesman said he had sold the first lots to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and that they went to the Moon to inspect their properties".

Didn't know the deal earlier!!!!

There are a lot of journalistic and legal arguments floating around on the validity of the idea of owing some section of the extra terrestrial space. Let's leave that part to the lawyers and the news makers. I cannot react properly to this kind of a totally unfathomable and irrational craze for owning things and the world at large and in this case to own an extra-terrestrial space.

I have some questions in mind:

Why are we not happy with our earth?
Is it because there is no single square foot of land that is free to be bought on earth that the idea of the extra-terrestreal space came in?
Are we done with spoiling the Earth that we now want to move ahead ( in this case outside) in life?
Suppose we have a relative or a friend living in the Moon, would there be an organization that provides us an extra-terrestreal Visa to visit space outside Earth?
What after the Moon? Would it be Venus or Mars? Which one would be the first to be chalked out as plots?
Is our aim to own a whole planet?
Would there be a special interior designing course to design houses/indoors in the Moon?
Would there be a new Engineering course called Extra-terrestrial civil engineering in every institute on Earth?
Would the NASA and ISRO do a joint venture to fund researches on the building construction and courses to handle the infrastructure on the Moon and eventually on the other planets that we choose to buy?
Do we also want to think about buying the oceans? If that is not exciting, I will spell it for you. How about owning a section of Pacific Ocean? Wonder if we would be interested in owing the Bermuda Triangle?? ( Just Wiki this word and really see for yourself to know what I mean...)
What is the ultimate goal in life? Each one has different thoughts on this one, but I really want to know what is the ultimate goal that drives people to even think of buying a part of the Moon?

All said, I still think, it is a super-creative idea to real estate out the Moon.. :) If I have to be optimistic here I would say there will be a lot of new jobs created on Earth.

What I don't understand among other things is that, while there is a lot that we can contribute to our Earth and the wonderful creations in it, to our people and their wonderful feelings and to ourselves, why are we trying to leap up to the Moon. Did we misunderstand the saying: Aim at the sky, you will reach the tree top. or this one: The sky is our limits!!!!


indraS said...


Nice posting, Probably people feel bored on jus owning things on earth.. so now its moon.. Also we can expect another hollywood blockbuster movie plotted around "man fighting with Aliens to occupy/own the moon..." :-)

Jithendra said...

Nice One , Real estate is ramping up because of the black money in India splly..... now these guys ready to do business in Moon ...

How come US , UK , Russia or China having authorization to sell land on moon ..... is it that their grand father's property ???

Krishna said...

On a lighter note..... we(living beings on earth) do have right to own space on moon since moon is 'OUR' natural satellite and not mars' or jupiter's satellite..... :)

Our natural satellite naturally belongs to us.... :)

SK said...

unga karpanaa sakthikku oru alave illaama pOchu.. :-)

Musing Gal said...

Krishna's thoughts were my first response to this news as well.. Remember Dew for my next birthday I would not mind a "Plot" on the moon ;). Human Beings- mm when they can construct a space station out of no where in space, and send people to live there in the pretence of studying our universe, I guess moon houses would not be a dream for long!
Guess "Star-Trek" days could happen in our future.. like how we travel outside the country for work, our kids adn grand kids might travel to planets as part fo their work. ha ha!

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