Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Simple courtesies

It was unusually crowded in most buses this morning. I knew I had to travel as a 'standee' today. With my laptop ( less than 2 kgs for sure) , it was a little difficult, but then it's just for today. I decided on Swalpa Adjust Maadi and bought my bus ticket.

What amazes me in bus travels is that although the bus is packed, at every bus stop at least one person boards the bus. Mathematical mind says, so also, at least one person alights at every bus stop. In spite of all the Maths, I would still say, when my bus stopped at KR Puram stop, the bus was packed. A young woman who is expecting a baby in say, less than a month's time ( from my judgement) boarded the bus and I wanted to say " Excuse me, why do you have to take this bus when it is so crowded?".. but I assumed that she has her own reasons (bad boss, late start, and crazy work load) and did not say anything.

[My take would be.. No matter what, do not get into a crowded Bangalore Metro bus.. with the bumpy roads and haphazard traffic and innumerable sudden breaks, you never know- there might be chances of having the baby right there in the bus].

My attention shifted to the girl sitting in the first row. She saw this would-be mom getting in, but did not think of giving up her the seat. I wanted the lady to be given one seat and no one moved. One of the older girls finally asked the girl in the first row to give her seat to this lady. The girl was not exactly convinced, but since the rest of the world wanted her to give up her seat, she did not say anything.

In a crowded bus, how can you not think of get up when you see a pregnant lady? I am wondering if basic niceties and courtesies are all lost these days? Totally unimpressive!!!!!

Do you think there must be a clause written somewhere that pregnant women, physically challenged people, and old people need to be given a seat in any public transport? Are we not supposed to know that from our basic education??

What is the point of holding an educational qualification, a job and a social identity when the basic sense is lost?


SK said...

Swalpa adjust maadi.. including to bear those persons..

Musing Gal said...

That is too bad. In TamilNadu atleast they have written it in the bus, so that senseless people can read that, guess Bangalore should follow suit. Education? No No.. this is infact commonsense. Guess we are slowly loosing the "Humanity" nature of us to this fast paced reckless and humanless world! - Sorry for being so harsh, but could not help it.

SG said...

"Do you think there must be a clause written somewhere that pregnant women, physically challenged people, and old people need to be given a seat in any public transport?"

There is (written in the buses in Chennai and everywhere here in Europe seats are actually marked for such people with a +, the red cross sign) and sadly there should be (It is an offence in Germany to not offer first aid to a person when you are of sound body and health and are not personally endangered by helping the person)

So people need a law, a fine and an imprisonment threat to make them do a naturally normal and kind gesture...what a shame !

That being said, I also like to give the girl some benefit of doubt. What if she was having one of those 'extremely-painful-and-girly' days ? Its just that I always want to believe in the goodness of people, however shallow they seem !

Dew Drop said...


I agree. That could have been the case. But I guess, that should be manageable in comparison with the risk involved in a pregnant woman getting hurt in the over-crowded bus - bumpy roads and sudden breaks add to the problem.. Really, it is not about standing in the bus, it is about managing to just stand and not end up having labor pain right there :)

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