Monday, September 21, 2009

Unnai Pol Oruvan

Tamil Film Industry's best make in the year. It is a direct and exact remake of the September 2008, Bollywood release 'A Wednesday'.

'Annan' Kamal Hassan has effortlessly played( actually played, because, it is so easy for him to get the dialogues right with the right emotions. ) the role of the Stupid Common Man and 'Lal' Ettan has done a good job as the Commissioner of Police. The Chief Minister's voice that deputes the Chief Secretary, is an excellent idea. Laksmi has done a good job of expressions as the Chief Secretary.

The Abhiyum Naanum son-in-law character does the angry police man's role and will surely click as a police officer in all the future tamil movies. By all, I mean, ALL tamil movies. He fits into the role very well.

The whole movie is about dialogues, and dialogues only. There is no comedian but dialogues are good enough to get a lot of cheer from the audience. This movie will decide how much Tamil film fans can really think. If it is a super-hit, then it means people can think and we get a chance to watch some nice movies often minus a heroine ( only for the dance in the dreams kind of roles ), and 'out-of-place' item numbers in the most pathetic costumes. If it is not a superr-hit, then we can be very sure that we will never be lucky as often.

Appreciations to the story writer and director for remaking the story as it is. Not many people keep the essence and interest alive in remade movies. Kamal Hassan's dialogue delivery, although a cake walk for his scholastic acting skills, is worth a big round of applause. Mohan Lal, as the Police Commissioner is an excellent character artist, who gets to come in as a Malayalee officer stationed in Chennai. So, a lot of natural Malayalam touch to his dialogues didnt seem out of character. The choice of Lal 'Etan' for this role is a nice decision.

In the second last string of dialogues where Kamal reveals, why he did what he did, there is a particular incident which he narrates, that is very difficult to digest. A lot of appreciation to the script/dialogue writer, who has written the dialogue in a way that won't hurt the Tamil ethical rules of language. There is a disclaimer there saying : "Look, we are adults talking here". I think that is a nice way of saying, I am going to say something, which I believe you have to take it easy, and I am talking with due respect to your position, our context of discussion, and ethics.
This is the only section that is different from the original, so that the Tamil audience can relate to it well.

One word: Nice movie. Not the usual formula. New stars introduced in this movie have a great take-off, if the right directors have made a note. The rest of my review is same as the review of A Wednesday. Its nice to have some really good movies remade as such, so everyone understands the essence.

Caution: If you are a mother-to-be, please do not watch this movie till a few months after your little angel is born. You and your baby may not be able to take it well.


SK said...

:-) Nice point of view?

Shruthi's music ??

yezdi3736 said...

One of my friends said, the original was the best :)

Came in to check ur review, now I guess I should watch it.

Priya H said...

hmm must watch.. and thanks for the word of caution at the end

daringdil said...

"Tamil Film Industry's best make in the year."

Naah i don't think this part to be true as there had been some better movies already this year.

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