Monday, September 21, 2009

Whatever it takes.....

Software engineers are so used to carrying laptops day in and day out, never have time for anything other than work most of the times, forget what vacation means after the long vacation they took after their wedding, are almost always on the complaint radar in the family, especially when it comes to taking the family out and remembering to buy something from the store. We are not talking about the rare exceptions here. If you are one of the rare exceptions, God Bless You. :-)

Over the past week alone, I had multiple chances to notice how much some of my software engineer friends change for their children. One of my friends who was very much a common software engineer( with all the introductory characteristics) before he became a responsible parent, can actually manage to leave on time for his daughter's school day function. Unbelievable!!! I exclaimed almost aloud. I am all smiles :)

Another friend whose home is a mini-computer lab in itself actually sets his laptop aside and carries his little baby girl most of the time. His emails and phone calls are no more top priorities in life. I don't know if you understand the magnitude of this drastic change, but let me tell you, just no one believed that this man will change for good and take time off work. I am all smiles :)

Recently, one of my friends, rattled off a lot of cartoon characters, on some context. I didn't know how to react for the first few seconds. I was telling myself, This just cannot be possible, but yeah, I just heard them all....This friend is also a blessed software engineer with all the characteristics, that we know from this piece of article. I finally managed to say, " I am amazed you have so much time for cartoons.. Good!!". The response came almost immediately, " Of course, I know. I even draw them for my daughter ". I am all smiles :)

In an advertisement ( I didn't catch the brand of the product), the little girl is having a bowl of some sweet dish and the dad, who is all smartly dressed to go to office, sits on the floor ( no questions on what if the floor is not clean or what if my ironed suit gets creased and all) and tries to get a spoonful of the sweet from his daughter. It was a very cute scene. I am all smiles :)

It is amazing how people change for their children. It is amazing how they find time, spend energy, get enthusiasm for things that they wouldn't have done all these days for anyone else in their lives.

I am all smiles :) I have my own fond thoughts of my childhood days too :) Applause to all Dads :) for what they are to their children. They do whatever it takes to keep their children happy.


jayanthi said...

Yes Deepa. You are right. Most of the Dads try to spend some of their valuable time for their children. I sometimes envy that. I wish I become a child and enjoy some of the privileged time.

Priya H said...

Children are the greatest gifts of God and in this busy or rather maddening life, they act as a stress reliever.
But it is bad that some (IT) parents dont mind leaving their kids in the 'day care center' (it is just not day mostly) for more than 12 hours. Parents are tied up to their work and children are tied up to their care centers.

Musing Gal said...

Thats true, when I was young my otherwise "Workaholic" dad used to take us on a nice vacation every year.. I even remember going before my 12th Std. Feeling nostalgic

aruna said...

To any child , thier "DAD" is the first hero. Every quality time spent with your child is the best education you give your child for life... Hats Off to all the dads who put their kids first before anything in this world.

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