Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Wednesday

This is a 1:45 hour movie in Hindi, that certainly qualifies as the one-of-the-few, out-of-the-herd Bollywood movies.

If you are looking for unnecessary stunts, noise, music, songs, planned comedy and are against using your already over-working brain while in a movie theatre, then may be you should postpone watching this movie.

As with all advantages/positives, there are some disadvantages/negatives that is of course dependant on individual perceptions. I choose to talk only the positive aspects and not taking the role of a psychologist/teenage counsellor who might have a different opinion of the story line. :-)

The movie is about what happens in Mumbai between 2.:00 P.M and 6:30 P.M on a bright Wednesday afternoon.

A very clam-faced old man calls up the Chief Police Officer in the Mumbai Police Head Quarters and informs about the explosives that he has planted in five locations in the city. He asks to speak to one person who can make a decision without having to go through a thousand procedures ( processes in today's work terms!!!). That was his request and the police have no clue whether or not to take it serious. This talk lasts for a minute. From then on, there is a series of calls from this unknown number and the police have very little choice but to do exactly as directed by the unknown caller. The last call was around 6:00 P.M that exposed the reasons for the old man's directions and the motive.

Watch the movie to know more..

The end of the movie : The police officer meets the man, greets him, offers him a ride home, knowing well that this was the man whose calls have been eating his peace of mind that afternoon... he is unable to arrest the stupid common man, because his plot was carefully crafted and the intelligence was unmatched for the police to handle.

Quick thoughts:

  • When it comes to decision making, most people in authority go one step backward.
  • There are executives who can decide and act, but processes do not permit them to do so.
  • Senior people or experienced people need not always be the best in terms of execution of any activity.
  • Effective work force is one that has people who get angry, who don't get angry, and who can control anger. With one of these segments missing, the work force may not be efficient after all.
  • Emotions definitely come up on the face of danger whatever be the strength of a man gained from his profession : police officer, terrorist, common man, press reporter
  • Unspoken string of friendship can exist between people travelling together in a one hour ride by train or bus each day.
  • Reports do matter whatever be the situation in life.. for some reason that is beyond our understanding, people keep asking for reports, then and there.. whether or not, they are going to be able to change things... The Chief minister asks for a report on the whole incident ( movie ) on Thursday!!!!

Noteworthy :
  1. Anupam Kher's composure
  2. Nazrudin Shah's casual performance
  3. No songs and dance
  4. Strong dialogues but never too loud
  5. Simple script
  6. Neat action
  7. Quiet and sharp turns
  8. Closing talk by Nazrudin Shah
  9. Nice ending to the eventful Wednesday

Nut shell : Short, Strong, and Rare make in Bollywood for all audience who love to watch something different from the usual Hindi movies.


Tarun said...

Apt. Well described.

Kalpana Harikrishnan said...

Hmm... Interesting....I will watch it soon.

Manjunath Raj said...

Awesome. Well described :)
Will try n catch up on the movie soon :)

gugiinsingapore said...

Reminds me of some American movie I think I've seen... Or is it a mix of a few movies from Hollywood... Seems uncannily familiar somehow

sneha said...

I CN WATCH THIS MOVIE HOW MANY TIMES EVER IT CUMS ON TV>. the best movie of 2008-09!!! Really unusual!!! BUT GR8!!

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