Friday, September 11, 2009

As long as you can hear.....

I think the concept of phone is one of the best inventions. Not, to elaborate into what are the benefits of the telephone, like a primary school essay contest, but I must say just this much: Everything we want conveyed, to anyone in the globe, is just a call away. Thanks, to Alexander Graham Bell.

I read a fact last week which I did not know, [or may be I had read , and didn't care to remember, or may be I remembered, but never pondered much about. I was/am never a General Knowledge savvy person, so, the fact was news to me.]

Made me wonder, how much the man would have felt about the fact, that his family cannot hear him on the phone??

Let's just call our family, friends and relatives; near, dear, and far; as long as we can hear and they can hear us talk [ Its up to us to manage our phone bills though.. but its possible to balance it all well] .

Let's not wait till we get hard of hearing to let people know we care, because when we grow old and want to communicate/talk/share with people who are geographically away from where we live, we might not have sharp ears to listen in to a device.

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aruna said...

hi deepa
i never knew about the fact of his wife and daughter.. thanks to u i do now. a nice article.

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