Monday, March 12, 2012

Power cut and Pournami

Pournami in Tamil means Full Moon Day. I was coming back from the temple and the power went out as usual.

These days, the power cuts in Tamil Nadu is hitting the newspapers every day, so I wont waste my energy on it trying to tell you how I detest the idea of power cuts in the name of power saving when all it takes is just a little effort from whomsoever it concerns to set it right... Anyways... this is too much by itself.. Lots of energy drain...

The full moon day was fast approaching.. Or was it the same evening, am not sure. The moon shone bright and beautiful as I started walking back homeward from the temple. It had been quite a while since I took this route.. but never in so many years on a full moon night when there was no light at all.

Cool evening breeze( Early summer evenings are always breezy and nice in my town.. and I guess so in many tropical places..) and the moon lit night sky made the evening a wonderful experience. The roads were not new to me, but those moments of wonder were surely new and nice. In a world of lights and fans and Air conditioners that we get into when we enter a house, it feels simply amazing to realize that the nature has the best of lights and air to aid us.

I had just then finished reading this Tamil history classic called Paarthiban Kanavu where many natural sceneries were painted wonderfully in the sweetest of Tamil language as was possible. I enjoyed the reading partly because of the language and mostly because of the scenes that were so beautifully verb painted. It was easy to believe the novel's setting when I was walking on the road that breezy evening under the cover of the moon-lit night sky.

The houses on both sides were dim and grey painted, the roads shone bright white and the people here and there seemed silhouettes of mercuric grey. The whole scene was out of a picture and suddenly it occurred to me that God is the best artist!!!

An afterthought : He doesn't participate in any painting contest!!! :-)

That night sky and the moon lit road and the grey painting around me surely made me smile... It took a power cut in the town for me to realize that there are some wonderful things in this world that we miss to recall and recollect and reconsider just because we are held up with the trivia of life that we often misunderstand as trifles and tiffs!!!

Lets just take time to see the light in the dark.. and remember that it is a beautiful world really... just that we don't have time to cherish what we have.. or is it that we don't make time for life really?? :)

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