Thursday, March 08, 2012

Heights of procedural instruction!!!

There was this cookery show on TV sometime last week. The lady was just summarizing what she just made and the supporting video showed the procedure in parallel to the voice track.. It was easy to understand how to make the dish, this way. Less text and more understanding.. My mind was just  beginning to applaud the sensible framing of the show... but I was quick to take back my views as one of the instructions was too much to take!!!!

here it goes :

Now, Open the mixer jar like this and add coconut this way.....

Don't you think this is too much of a procedural instruction?? And this show was supposed to  be teaching regional specialities.. Now, to cook regional specialities, you definitely need some basic cooking knowledge of dishes of your own region first, is my take.. That aside, even if you are a zero in cooking, you still would know that to grind something in a mixer you need to open the mixer's jar!!!

Heights of procedural instruction!!!! Dear TV folks, please be informed that most of your viewers have some sense still left. Please don't wipe it off completely with instructions like this.

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