Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I have never understood how people spend a lot of time, in fact some spend the whole of their time reading news papers. With nothing better to do yesterday evening, I was sitting in the veranda of my house, fighting the excess heat and battling with the emotions ( political stunts, useless department and other such thoughts come up!!!) that power cuts usually bring on an especially humid afternoon-evening time shift. I was holding a newspaper as a fan for self help with the heat of the summer that is just beginning in South India.

After about fifteen minutes of continuous fanning, I got tired of just sitting doing nothing, so decided to glance through the paper. I had just pulled two sheets from yesterday's paper for the purpose, but the idea of reading through that much of text was alarming.. Anyways went on to see the headlines.

Not one.. Not even a single news item was pleasant, positive, worth reading, and knowledge driven!!!! Wondering if people are committing crimes and mistakes, staging demonstrations and fasts, criticising and ill treating each other just to get on the news item!!! Is it a popularity stunt or an information medium or a warning note or just a time pass for the job-less or a set of gossip leaflets for the very busy people??

Still wondering........ I always thought that Current Affairs and General Knowledge were useless to me... and later thought may be it was important to get involved or interested in conversations where the topics were politics, news, celebrities, movies and happenings of life... but now again, I am quite convinced that I do not need to know the news at all. I am much happier without the knowledge of some of the unbelievably drastic, dramatic and unexplainable crimes in the world!!!!

So what are these old people and interested others reading in the news every day?? How does an inappropriate behavior, a road side robbery, a fall of a company, a fraudulent police officer, a school examination copying issue, or a political stage talk, or a demonstration matter to someone who has run past all these over the years??

I don't understand.. Do you?


Jithendra said...

I got bored of such things in newspapers,I experience this long bac, That is da reason From that day, I use to read only Movie,business and sports coloums in the news papers..... :)

RJ said...

Deccan Chronicle maybe.. Try Reading The Hindu.. The Centerpage, which has the editorial n all that :)

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