Friday, March 16, 2012

Biggest yet Simplest Truth!!!

I met someone whose name has been on the gossip rounds in the neighbourhood. I knew a little about the gossip and never really had a chance to think about it. Only point I was sure of is that, most people are taking time off from their own idle or seemingly busy lives to talk ill about others just for a change.

I stopped on my track when this lady extended flowers to me. I thanked her. Some gestures, no matter what time of the day, from anyone would make you smile at the first thought. I thanked her for being thoughtful.

Our talks were on varied subjects initially and then slowly turned towards the essence of the gossip... and it was the first time I had to face such a situation where the subject at least ten years elder to me, knew that she was being talked about and I was being chosen as her confidante. I knew she was talking the truth because there was no defensive tone to her voice and words. At the end of our talk, I noticed that she had tears in her eyes and it totally showed how hurt she was with the gossip talk and how the world around her made it seem true.

Now, after this talk, I concurred with her thoughts and listened to her as much as I could and finally made an attempt to lighten her mood with a less emotional or may be non emotional subject. Someone else joined us and I decided it was time to get back to my tracks again and waved a Bye to the duo.

When I resumed my walking, it suddenly struck me as a lightning blow that every one in this world has a reason behind why they are doing what they are doing and the world does not have any right to really comment on it to the extent of disturbing one's peace of mind. I must say that this lady has been bold enough to face the world, letting the turbulence inside her go to the lower most rack in her head, but still the hurt remained where it was until she finally spilled it out.

I am not sure I could have taken such a blow from the gossiping world... but I surely learnt never to believe anything that should not really concern me. Isn't that simple to follow?? I guess so!!!! Let's try.

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