Saturday, March 24, 2012

Many advices and one base question

Advices galore.. That's on what I must eat, how well I must take care of myself, what foods are healthy, what foods are a strict 'No'.. all keep coming my way, over the last few months. I am perfectly okay taking it all and following what I can to the best of my ability..

Day before yesterday, as I was enjoying the last of the oranges in my refrigerator, I could not help thinking about many other mothers-to-be in this world who would not be able to afford the cost of high priced fruits and vegetables.

Who would advice a poor farmer's wife to have nuts every day and fruits every day and milk every day?? If at all someone does, would he or she also pay for these things, which are almost luxuries in a poor man's hut?

Women have given birth to children even before the stream of medicine called Obstetrics was disciplined into Medical studies. May be many things in the past were not right, many facilities that we have today are not there, lot of awareness that is around today was missing before, still there was some thing else that governed the whole child birth episode that lasts for a little over nine months.

I calmed down reasonably after this realization and learnt to take it easy when I came across more advices than I can handle at any point of time. I am grateful for all the nice things that people tell me, because they care for me, and am totally thankful to the Good God for getting me close to such people. I understand that mothers of yester years were much bolder, stronger and strong willed that the women of today; and fully acknowledge and understand that today's woman needs more nutrition and care to tide through pregnancy reasonably well. Still, I think, its best to take it easy and do what we can without stressing too much about the food part..

Food and comforts are really gifts that God has given us. We must use them well and also not create too much of a scene about it as there are many others who are not as privileged as us to live life the way we do.

Let's be grateful and always ask this base question to ourselves at any point in time: Surely there are others who don't have this in their life?? So why fuss about this??

This question or these thoughts should help us to be happy with life's gifts, small and big!!!

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