Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Splash on Judgement

Lets reserve judgment to managerial decisions and trial court rooms; Keep personal and social circle out of this.

Your judgement need not be correct; Often it is just an assumption.

If someone says something, it is expected that you listen, but it is definitely not mandatory to judge them by what they say.

Almost always, you are judged by what you say, what you wear, what you do, but rarely by what you are. So dont worry about any incorrect judgement.

Judgements are like statistics; they are just a broad scale to go by, but they are not to be completely trusted.

Do not judge a person, but definitely judge his actions. That way, even if your judgement is incorrect, you still won't hate the person.

Everyone has a right to give opinions, but often these opinions get stated as judgements. Know the difference between the two!!! Opinion is a view point, Judgement is a conclusion with no ammendment. Don't hesitate to give your opinion but ensure you think twice before you make it sound like a judgement.

You always judge others based on yourself or your thoughts - own or acquired. So any incorrect judgement may mean that you or your thoughts are flawed.

Judgements in courts take all efforts to prove the charge for a reason. Unless you are in such a role, why judge?

If you must judge, keep your thoughts about it yourself. Do not force your judgement on someone else.

Who are you to judge someone? Why are you judging anyway? Keep your views but throw away your judgements. Remember, You are not the SUPREME.

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