Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On silence and quietness

Being silent and Being quiet are not the same.

Absence of Noise is Quietness.
Presence of Peace in the midst of noise is Silence.

Being quiet resolves disputes.
Being silent never brings up disputes.

Being quiet can mean acceptance.
Being silent can mean forgiveness or patience.

Being quiet all the time can cause problems to be promoted from trivial to disastrous.
Being silent all the time can cause problems to be demoted from disastrous to trivial.

They said, Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden.. Quietness didn't find a place in the proverb.

So, speak when you must, with Silence as the goal in your mind.

Speak to make peace.
Speak to appreciate.
Speak to love.
Speak to thank.
Speak to care.
Speak to reduce stress.
Speak to have fun.
Speak to communicate.
Speak to emote.

In all these instances your mental silence will only improve.

In examination halls and temples quietness will improve your focus. Temples and examination halls should revise their sign boards as 'Silence and Quietness please'.

In hospitals and places of condolences quietness will give a feeling of having understood someone's pain.

When you know you are talking to someone who is not in the right frame of mind to understand, quietness helps.

In all other instances, silence helps but not quietness. Being quiet all the time, only increases the noise in your head. There is really no point in being quiet all the time with a lot of turbulent thoughts running inside your mind making your mind a very noisy market with absolutely zero peace quotient. So, talk it out to improve your silence quotient and hence the peace quotient.

Silence is all about the intangible mind, while quietness is all about the tangible noise.

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Kite said...

very diligent differentiation and very true!

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