Saturday, May 07, 2011


Today, I woke up toa reasonably good start as compared to the last few days. Still, somewhere deep down I knew that I am not what I usually am.

Discovered that blessings are always around when I switched on my computer. There were emails to make my mood better, some old friends came online after many months just today, and I did receive some emails from people after a long time. Also read some interesting blog posts.

Now, all these would have happened many times in my life, but somehow today I realized that all of these are blessings that have been in my life over the years and never realized as much as I did today.

Am much better spirited person now.

We often do not know how blessed we are until a moment comes when we have to put up with something to realize how much blessed we are.

I remember this verse from school : I thank the Lord that I've been Blessed; With more than my share of happiness. Its probably just that I never bothered to realize the gift of a simple email, a chat conversation, a forward, a quotation, or being surrounded by nice people all these days.

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Priya H said...

Bless you!

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