Tuesday, May 03, 2011

On Men and Women

Men are Men and can be ridiculous; Women are Women and can be stupid!!!

Men can follow world news much easier than what is happening in their homes; Women dont care much about who is playing today's cricket match but it is very important for them to know who is the designer for the next dress in display in a shop.

Men are generally the happiest when left alone; Women are generally the crankiest when left alone.

Men love to be carelessly dressed; Women love to look carelessly dressed, but would have spent hours together carefully on the carelessness.

Men talk less; Women can never keep quiet; even the quietest woman is silently talking to herself.

Men act like they dont love gossips, but then news channels are in business only because of them; Women don't act, they love gossips but don't love news channels anyway.

Men cannot sit and read for a reason women can never understand - Books make you listen to an idea; Men like to listen only to themselves. If the home is lucky, then they sometimes listen to the women at home - mother, sister, wife, and daughter.

Women like to behave as if they do not want to be told what to do.. But honestly, they care for suggestions.

Men are too practical at times for women to manage; Women are too sentimental at times for men to manage.

With so many differences and so many more that were, are and would be, wonder how Men and Women balance together on the same scale on all walks of life!!!!


Priya H said...

You bet!
Where did you get this from?

Well, love and affection carries the whole world forward....

Dew Drop said...

Realized myself!!!! Like you said, there is an unsaid affection and love that keeps the world going.. it is named committment, sincerity, love, affection, understanding based on the relationship that the men and women are in...

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