Thursday, May 05, 2011

Listening and understanding are two different things!!!!

I have often thought it is easy to understand someone else. But then realized in one important and striking moment today that actually it is not easy to understand anyone at all. All the times that we have claimed to have understood someone were probably because we were not involved in the scene as much as them.

They say, everything is funny as long as it happens to someone else...

Another saying : Head ache and Stomach ache can be understood only if you face it yourself at least once.

It only means that unless the other person is also in the same boat as you or has been there before and done that before or been through it before, just like your situation only then it is possible to understand.

The other times that we claim we understand, we are just empathizing with the person's situation and may be give a lending ear to the other person's thoughts and emotions. But we really do not know what all must be going through someone's head when they say what they say!!!

This is a realization that struck me as a bright lightening blow a few hours ago.

The next time when I want to say I understand, I probably will correct the same as I can listen.. That is the best that I can do for someone in need. After the initial surge of emotions subside may be I can ask if there is anything I can do for them....

I recall one such time when my friend said, "No, you don't understand" and I was super upset... but now I know it is true that no one can really understand anyone else unless they have traveled the same path before.

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