Monday, May 09, 2011

Cooking and healing touch!!!

I was not feeling too well yesterday and over the last few days. It was my husband's birthday yesterday and I wanted to feel good. Now, I didn't know that all it takes to change from a 'not-too-well' state to 'feel-better' or 'doing-good' is just that one voice in my head which said: Just get up and get going... Make some nice special meal for dinner and of course take rest after you are done. After all, it is his special day and do not break his day's cheer!!!!

I do not know even as I write this post as to how I actually worked myself up to make a grand dinner ( Okay, not so grand, but yes a different dinner I must say )

On the menu last night we had:

Badam Kheer
Masala Vada
Olan ( Kerala dish)
Mango Sambhar
Tomato Rasam
Capsicum curry
Moru Molagai or fried chillies

We had a good dinner and it was only after I put away the dishes and cleared the table that my feeling of 'not-well' really propped up again.. Can cooking be connected to a healing touch??!!!??

Wondering if I would have mustered energy for a normal meal had it not been my husband's birthday yesterday. It just took a wonderful meal to make me feel less ill and this morning I am almost fine I would say. Once again proven fact that it is all in the mind!!!!

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Priya H said...

Yummy menu!
Wishes to Sriram

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