Saturday, October 23, 2010

What is the temperature?

Its scorching hot outside. I just switched the air conditioner on and sat down in front of this computer. I am hearing the trucks screeching to a halt outside. Constantly there is some construction work happening in this neighbourhood. Tempted to give another look, I look out the window of this room to see a lot of workers with their safety hats on, hard at work on the road constructions and building construction.

And here, I am sitting in an AC room and generally relaxing after the regular routine work at home. Someone comes online and asks: How is the temperature in Muscat? And I am at a loss to answer this question.

To me, the temperature inside the house will be at the level which I set. Presently, it is 20 degrees. I cannot say, ' The climate is very hot'. Can I? What difference does the temperature outside make to me when I am gifted to sit in an air-conditioned room and write this post?

Wonder if anyone would stop to ask these poor construction workers what the temperature is like in Muscat. Is there an alternative for these truck drivers who drive endless hours to and fro the sites with tonnes of sand, concrete and cement ? Is there an alternative for these construction workers who toil day in and day out to see the buildings tall and strong? - I guess not...

Is it the compulsion in life that makes these workers capable of bearing the scorching and merciless Arabian heat outside? May be.. Sadly they seem to HAVE to put up with the burning heat outside. I am only hoping that these people get paid well enough for all the hard work they put in.

I decided never to complain on weather conditions ever in my life wherever I go, because I don't think I am or anyone who is sitting indoors in an AC room, during the day, in any place is ever qualified to talk about temperature outside. Hot or cold, we get to set the temperature indoors. Thank God and the AC invention!!.

And the next time I want to know how hot or cold is a place, I guess I'll stop by a construction work site and ask one of the workers there instead of asking a friend online, who is probably sitting in a closed comfortable room like mine.

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