Saturday, October 09, 2010

On Change

It just happens, whether you like it or not, want it or not, accept it or not.

Its quite natural for change to take you off-guard.

Change can be welcoming if it is given some time to sink in.

Change is often overwhelming, but it usually is manageable with time.

Change and Time are the best pals. Change happens with time.

Change rules over you in the beginning, but in course of time, you can rule over the change by an acceptance attitude.

Change is the best thing that can happen to you at any point of time.

Change always happens for the better, although the betterment does not surface immediately.

Every change small or big, has the same level of impact most often.

Change takes time to enter into your emotional self.

You are better off accepting change than fighting it.

On any change, there is always an alternative; Accept it and smile anyway.

Change is the only thing that keeps anything and everything in the world going, the way it is.

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