Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mind your mind

... and your home gets sweeter each moment.

A lot about making a neat little home depends on the mind set that needs to really get settled in one's head.

Marriage brought the word home-making into the limelight in my mind that already is like an over-crowded city market with varied thoughts on a hundred different things in the world...Oh, yes, I am this person who has some opinion on everything under the sun... just like most others who are like me. And home-making got tossed into my mind one fine September morning... That's when I had the first real feel of the responsibility of home-making, although I was doing my bit at home with my parents.

Home-making involves too many things and I cannot list all: That was realization number ONE for me.

  • House keeping ( which in itself can be a whole new blog, in my opinion...)
  • Cooking
  • Health watch - Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual, and Financial

is a short, seemingly all-encompassing list..( may be I stopped the list too short... )

If I try to paint a bigger picture, it is about leading a balanced life. If you are trying to place where you have heard something similar, it must have been in your school text book that taught you the word 'balanced diet' or the last TV advertisement that you watched of a health drink or your gym instructor/dietitian talking about how to stay fit with a healthy and 'balanced diet'...

Life also needs to be balanced - Too much of anything (except love which has got vision - I am not talking about blind love that doesn't want to see practicality), is good for nothing.

Now, if the lady of the house gets these facts inside her mind and ensure that these thoughts are settled in there, then home-making becomes a practice, then a habit, and then its easy to see that the house becomes a home.

Its all in the Mind, someone said aptly. While I am in the first stages of minding my mind, I thought I'd share some thought for a start.

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