Monday, October 04, 2010

Help - Its just there....

How often have you come across situations when you are looking for some advice or suggestion and it surprisingly comes immediately from some unexpected source? Or you are looking for some support and it seems to just land right there next to you, in some form or the other?

At the Mumbai airport, I was wiping off the uncontrollable tears.I didn't like to admit ( still don't like to) that I was totally out of composure when I had just about two hours to take-off from India. I was repeatedly trying to tell myself that its just going to be okay in a while, but absolutely no relief from the tears.

After the umpteen formalities (Oh,yes, there were not too many procedures, but amidst a heavy heart and tear-filled eyes, every single check-in formality at the airport just seemed to add stress...)I was taking the escalator to the waiting area when I casually looked up.

There, on the wall was a huge advertisement board talking about an LG product. I don't recall the product that was being advertised, but the tag line caught my eye and mind at the right time.. It said, " See things differently".

Quite right.. I wiped the tears off ( yeah they did keep pouring out now and then, but the non-stop overflow stopped) and my mind was repeating this line.. See things differently..

Even now, I use this tag line whenever I need some reminder on seeing things differently. Slowly, it will become a practice, followed by habit to 'see things differently'.. And this I am sure is the best way to accept a new opinion, a new way of life, a new thing, and just about any change for that matter, anywhere and anytime.

Lets see things differently. God Bless the ad maker who has really helped me in a big way. I am sure a lot of others noticed too.. but to me this was almost a zen moment. And, yes another assurance that help is just around.. in some form or the other.. We just need to take it... Its just there and has always been.

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