Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saying Good Bye is and was never easy

I remember the minute I walked out of my college hostel in May 2002. Apart from the fact that the whole idea of parting from the college hostel life was tough for my mind to take, what I recall till date, is the fact that I didn't know till the last day, that some people would miss me.

The next time, it was when I made some friendships in my work places. Chance had it that I switched quite a number of jobs and so had to say good byes that many times. Although, I can say that the number of friends I could connect to in different work places were not as many as I had in college, it still was difficult to say Good Bye. With some people, I had a tough time battling with my emotions when I said Bye. With others, I didn't know that I would have made an impact that made it so difficult for them to let me go.

The next Good bye memory was when I left a city to move to another. It was tough to see the 'Thank you, Come again' board that caught my eye when my bus moved out of the city. I remember wiping off the tears that rolled out without my permission. I still don't know why I get so attached to some places and I don't think I will ever be able to explain.

Now, I am moving out of this city in a week's time. I cannot believe that its been three plus years in Bangalore and I will be leaving in another week. I met of my friends today. This time, although I felt the same difficulty in saying Good Bye, I was able to balance much better than before. I also noticed that this time, the people I met found it very difficult to say Good Bye to me..

What I have learnt about the associations we make with people :

Some people come your way to do something for you.
Some people come your way to take something from you.
Some people come your way to support you.
Some people come your way to take support from you.
Some people come your way to teach you something.
Some people come your way to learn something from you.
Some people mean a lot to you.
You mean a lot to some people.

And we will never know why we are put in the company of some people to go through some expriences. This association with people is the most unfathomable wonder in the world next to the Sun and Moon and Children.

Definitely you are what you are because of the people who have been around you. Both pleasant and unpleasant experiences that your life is blessed with, are due to people. The very idea that you are blessed with some people to talk to, to crib about, to fight with, to confide in, to have fun with, and to just be with is in itself a wonder. Imagine, if each of us was in an island and did not know the company of people, would we ever know what it is like to say Good Bye??

I know from experience that eventually we will all accept the truths of parting and moving on in life. I also know that when reason meets the season, we will get back in touch. I think, that's why we get to stay in touch with some and lose touch with others.

And one more realization is, we do not get to know the reason or season.. we do not get to decide who will stay in touch and who will move on.. All we can do is give our best to the people we meet, any day. Your best and your neighbour's best need not be the same level.

You never know how much you have actually meant to someone and someone has meant to you, till you say Good bye. All said, Saying Good Bye is never easy.


SG said...

just noticed that you have left a very emotional comment in my post too :)

SG said...

made my eyes moist....I wrote an almost similar post - :)

yezdi3736 said...

Very heartfelt and so true! Wishing you a great journey and many interesting and happy days :) Hope you get to continue to touch people like you always do. Will miss you around for sure...hmmmm...and just praying you get to write always. I am still waiting to read that book of yours :) Dont let go of that idea.....

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