Monday, May 17, 2010

Motherhood - a new dimension altogether

Last month, I had a chance to meet my friend who happily announced that her foetus is eight weeks old. The excitement is imaginable but I could not relate to it much until she told me about her first touchy experience of listening to the growing little one's heart beat. Now, I do not have a book reference to when in the entire gestation period, what development happens, but I do know that the eyes that were talking to me, were more thrilled, more sentimental, more joyous, more peaceful than they have ever been. We sat in silence to dwell in the moment - She, in her mom-to-be excitement and I, in my introspection of how her thoughts have taken a new dimension altogether. It seemed like the girl sitting in front of me was a new person, very different from the person I have known for the last three years.

Earlier this month, my niece kept me constantly marvelled at how every one's lives changed with her in our lives.

Last week, I had an email from a friend who has expressed her thoughts about being able to connect with the little one growing in her, on her first-ever blog post. I love the first timers' writings. And it is more interesting, if the writer is your friend. So, I clicked the link and was completely surprised to see the new person in her. She had expressed her joy of seeing the picture of her growing baby's tiny feet on the scanner's monitor - whatever that is called in Bio-medical instrumentation. I have not met her in a long time now, but I can surely say that she is different from the forever-teenager mind, I have known her as for the last 12 years.

Day before, I was visiting a friend whose three year old was keeping her busy. It was amazing to see how much energy these mothers can have when it comes to running after the children. Every minute is a surprise. Again, I was seeing a different person here - She and I know each other for about 17 years now and have been in constant touch, but for the last few years, I did see a lot of difference. I see her as an epitome of patience now.

The only answer that explains the unseen difference is "Motherhood". Presently, the dimensions of this subject is more vast than one can write and explain, is my take...

One word : If you cannot understand her, just accept her. For all that she has been through for you, sacrificed for you, done for you, you will never ever be able to repay her.

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Kite said...

yes, that is so true! And my mother says... motherhood is the most beautiful experience in this world.

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