Saturday, May 01, 2010

All that I needed to recall....

I've heard parents telling very often about how challenging it is to take care of kids. To me, it has been more of a handed over thought, and nothing more, until this morning, when I met my one-year-old niece.

I reach my cousin's place this rainy morning, tired from an all-night journey, preceded by yesterday's long and busy work day. The little one was up and busy in her own world of smiles and cheers, quite early in the morning. It was quite a sight to see. The smiles of a baby is so contagious that I brightened up almost immediately. Then, for the next two hours or so, all of us were busy trying to keep close to her.

You better be around to watch, else you have absolutely no idea of the child's next move - Up the wall, on the carpet, on the table, to the TV showcase, on the sofa, to the balcony, on the window sill, on the tea table, to the book shelf...Anything that seemed worth exploring to her wonder mind and forever wonder-filled eyes, she went for it.

I saw these traits in the little one that amaze me:

1. Curious to explore things.
2. Hard work to really achieve what she wants.
3. Never give up on attempts.
4. Just believe the parent.
5. Agree to polite requests.
6. Never stop wondering.
7. Be active.
8. In disagreements, just disagree.
9. Understand love.
10. Know your people.
11. Seek help when needed.
12. Say 'No' when you must.

I have just written the top catchy points that could not wait till tomorrow. May be every little one has such traits usually, I have not really thought about that.

What I have noticed is that over the years of life's experiences, we have all lost one or more of these qualities. At least, to an extent. Blame it on experience or situation or circumstance or whatever, but then, don't you think we'll be better positioned to handle life's challenges, if we were to consciously continue to be aware of all these qualities in us?

Think about it. We had all of these traits as kids, and where did we lose them all now? Now that, there is no going back, is there something we can do to revive these basic qualities in our lives?? I am sure we should be able to, with a little help from near and dear. Help is around, we just need to know when to take it.

All that I needed to recall, I recalled today in the company of this one-year old wonder-filled child.


Deepak G said...


Kite said...

So very true!!!

விழியன் said...

Yup. Excellent observation. I am learning a lot from my little girl. As a famous saying goes "We were born intelligent. The education ruined us".

I realized it true :)

Keep writing.

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