Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm feeling lucky!!!!

I am definitely not talking about clicking the I'm feeling lucky button on the google search page. I was in the best of my cheers this morning when I set out to office. I wanted to wear Jasmine flowers that according to me would compliment my hair style today. You cannot get out early in the morning and expect Jasmine flowers just like that in a completely residential locality like the one I live in. I knew it well, so just kept aside the thought and continued my walk.

Just when I shut my mind's non-stop questions on how to get Jasmine flowers at this time of the day, a flower vendor crossed my way. I stopped her and asked if she had Jasmine.. I have never seen any one's face brighten up so much, in a long time. She was very happy to uncover her bounty of fresh Jasmine flowers neatly woven into flower strands. I asked for some flowers and immediately pinned them on to my supposedly well-dressed hair.

Every time, I wear Jasmine flowers, I can tell you that my feel-good factor is very high and usually shows up as a Smile. This time, it was just me and the vendor lady, a gulmohar tree, slightly drenched black tar roads and clear morning air with no traffic. The scene was perfect and the smile constant on my face. The lady smiled too, as she counted the coins with her to hand me back the change for the rupee note I had given her.

We were standing close to the compound wall of a house. I realized this, when suddenly in between the smiles and counting of the change, an old lady gave me a beautiful fresh-plucked yellow rose. She was in her garden and had been watching the scene outside. I smiled, for I think roses are the best of God's creations in the floral world. I said a 'Thank you' to her and pinned up the rose as an added decor with the Jasmines on my tresses. We spoke for the first time in one whole year that I have spent in the same locality.

As I was just about to leave, the flower vendor, still smiling, gave another strand of jasmine. This one had some orange flowers too. I thanked her and added that also to my heavily decorated hair-do.

The first set of flower strands were because I wanted to wear them and it felt nice. The next two added collections were to share the 'joy of giving' extended by the flower vendor and the old lady. It felt nicer.The whole episode added an extra touch to my cheerful start today. Somewhere deep down in me, I felt that lady luck also seemed to be smiling at me.

It was a wonderful feeling... I logged in at work and typed a quick email to my lucky charm friend saying: I'm feeling lucky today... :-)

Some days are blessed with small joys that leave you smiling for a long time.. The Yellow Rose studded Jasmine flowers are still making me smile :-)

Every second person I meet, asks me" What's special today?".. There might be a thousand reasons, but I surely know that its just the feel-good factor in me (which I owe to the flower vendor and the old lady), that makes me look grand today. Makes me agree that God does send gifts in unique, quiet, and nice ways, without satin ribbons.


Deepak G said...


Maya said...

Very cute Deepa! Moments like this make our day so much happier!

SK said...

Quite feminine way of expressing your thoughts.Cute and beautiful like a child.No more words to express the feeling which you have tried to show here.

I am really feeling sorry for those girls who misses all these small but wonderful moments.

But why you tagged it as management ?? :)

grrrrrrrr I am writing a lot today..

Krithi Krish said...

I love this post. And I totally realise that its a wonderful feeling, has happened to me a few times.

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