Friday, May 28, 2010

On dress sense

  • Dress-up to attract respectful looks.
  • Your dress defines you and defends you.
  • The cost of your dress does not matter as much as the impression it gives about the cultured person in you.
  • Its good to check your dress sense once in a while.
  • In a crowd, its best to wear dress that is comfortable to every one's eyes.
  • If how you wear a dress does not matter to you, then you must be willing to face consequences, often unpleasant.
  • Dress sensibly as much as possible.
I am ranting off like this because I chanced to see two improperly dressed pretty girls day before yesterday night. This is not the first time I see an improperly dressed young lady, but the first time when the girls behaved like there was no one else around.

I wanted to write a whole post about this, but right now, I don't have the time to reword my language to fit my blog's principles. Some topics are very sensitive and the scene I saw about dress sense surely is one of them. Cant take a chance now when I am in a hurry.So, just decided to write a splash on all that came to my mind about dress sense.


Deepak G said...

hmmm dunno i hv a rather confused view abt this....when a man can come out topless or in a vest or wear a vaysti like say rajkiran or patta patti trouser like ramarajan why cant a woman wear....but i kno it wl attract unpleasent eyes n words n actions...

Dew Drop said...


If you think about it once again, you might have a different view point.

Keep reading,

Musing Gal said...

to Deepak's point -I think its not bcoz women should not.. its bcoz Men cannot handle that yet :)
Totally agreed Dew, especially about the Cultural aspect..

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