Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drizzle, Rain, Laila

Bangalore weather has been awesome since morning.. As I enjoyed my morning walk on my way to work, I wished that my folks in Tamilnadu also enjoyed some nice cool summer time.. I am having a super-good summer morning and was reminded of my last weekend summer morning in my home town in Tamil Nadu. It has been scorching hot and humid there; reports on the phone from friends confirmed the same. So, I felt it a little unfair that one part of my world was struggling to cope with the summer heat and I am singing my way to office accompanied by cool breeze in a clear bluish grey sky background.

When I come in, my world changes and I am not too much of a news person. So, didn't have a clue about the rains in Chennai till my news-savvy colleagues started talking about it. Soon enough, I had a call from a friend in Chennai. When asked about the rains, he said " Yes, its raining. Laila has been troublesome.."...

I didn't want to ask who Laila was.. I am generally good at interpretations ( sometimes misinterpretations too) or so I thought. After a while, it struck me that he has already answered about the rain; so this Laila must be out of context.... I guessed later in the conversation that this rain was due to a cyclonic depression which has been named "Laila"...

Wonder why they personify cyclones, storms and winds and depressions as a female? [Indian Mythological tales have the wind personified as a God called 'Vayu'. There is no equivalent Goddess name.]

Agreed there has to be a name for the storm or depression for the reports and records, but I think there should be a better way to name them. Don't you think so??

Women are supposed to be gentle and kind. Even if you don't agree with me on this when talking about today's women, I think, at least its better not to analogize storm and cyclone with women. That way, if not as gentle as breeze and as caring as soft drizzle, women will definitely understand that they should not be as harsh as the cyclone.

Dear men who read this, if you are going to come up with one nice reason why the cyclone has been named 'Laila', without offending your women readers, then I can publish your comment.

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Musing Gal said...

Hey Dew.. guess even Chennai is enjoying this weather, when I spoke to my mom this morning I had a lol when I heard "Laila" :) Not quite sure if it is always women names though , in US atleast they alter between male and female names in a alphabetical order for their hurricanes.. may be Indians like to honour their women by naming the cyclones with female names - like how they have names the rivers in the past, also to inherently mean that cyclones are not Bad, as logn as you know how to handle them :)

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